Wave x Wave Productions

A Podcast Production House

Our Goal

As a passionate, creative professional, I believe in
using my skills and innovation to put my best work
forward for each and every client. During the
process, I provide sound editing and design to
enable clients to bring their stories and ideas to life.
Enhanced sound is vital to any podcast.
The end result? Your masterpiece, ready to share
with audiences far and near.
The goal of Wave X Wave is to help companies
reach out to inform the public about topics that are
important to them.



  • Audio editing and engineering for podcasts, short films, and demo reels

  • All podcasts will be delivered in an mp3 format with ID3 tags

  • Remote recording for podcasts and demo reels

  • SEOs for each podcast episode and series

  • A quick turn around with a high-quality finish for each project

  • Will create shorter pieces of all projects to use as advertisement for social media


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Making Music

Podcasts Produced

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About Me

As a graduate of Humber College, I believe in putting the best work out there. As a passionate, creative professional, I believe in putting my skills and innovation at the forefront of my work for all my clients to experience. The end result? Working with the clients to bring to life their masterpieces to life and to share their hard work audiences far and near. Because of this belief, I started my own podcast production company in order to help companies reach out and inform the public with topics that are important to them.


September 2018 - August 2019

Humber College

Completed a post-production certificate where the skills and interest to pursue a career in sound engineering and dialogue editing was sparked. This passion was further nurtured while interning at a local audio house in Toronto, where I got first-hand experience in editing dialogue for t.v. shows. I also experienced what it took to engineer the right background and SFX for each show.

April 2019

Assistant Sound Editor

Using Final Cut X, organized the dialogue, SFX, and ambiences in preparation for editing the sound for the documentary A Journey Home. This first project steered me in the direction of post-production. Being able to organize and play with both dialogue and background effects showed me what it took to piece together a visual media like a movie.

July 2018

University of Toronto

General History degree. Developed better research and time management skills that have helped me through my graduate program and in running my business.

Behind the Scenes

Forget about practising in the mirror! Let me make you sound like the confident expert that you are!